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Adjustable Base = Lifestyle Base

Most of you have heard about an adjustable base for your mattress but might think of them still as “hospital beds” or only for certain age categories. Adjustable bases are now starting to be known as lifestyle bases due to all of the health benefits associated with them. Did you know that elevating your head 5-10 degrees can help relieve symptoms of heartburn/GERD? Did you know that elevating your head can also allow you to breath better and help with snoring and sleep apnea? These are just a few of the many health benefits from a lifestyle base. Other benefits include but are not limited to: increasing circulation, easing stress off your neck while reading or watching tv, and alleviating pressure and stress off your spine.

Stop into Howell Furniture for your introduction to a lifestyle base and how it can benefit you. I will be there for your assistance and question this Saturday between 1-5pm at the Beaumont location.