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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

We take most major insurance plans, as well as some smaller insurances. We have a dedicated staff trained in the verification process to ensure that you receive accurate coverage information. You can call our office at 409-835-7676, and we will discuss your benefits with you.

How much does a new patient appointment cost if I’m paying cash?

The cost varies depending on specific problems being addressed, but a typical initial appointment ranges between $75-$200.

How long can I expect to be there for my new patient appointment?

New patient appointments last anywhere from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

What services do you offer?

We offer several chiropractic adjusting techniques, therapeutic modalities, exercise rehabilitation, lumbar decompression, and AquaMed dry hydrotherapy.

What about my child, can they get adjusted as well?

Yes, we have done adjustments for babies as new as a few days old. We can help with colic, ear infections, acid reflux, as well as babies who have plagiocephaly – flatness on side of their head. With pediatric chiropractic, we apply very gentle, low-amplitude adjustments to guide the vertebrae into the right position and restore normal nerve and blood flow as well as increase joint motion. There are times when a child will cry during an adjustment because even though we’re applying a soft but steady pressure, the area of subluxation can be very tender and swollen.

“Why do I need adjustments?”

Contrary to what most people think, adjustments are not just for pain. Misalignments of the vertebra or bones in your spine can occur with normal activities of daily living. When experiencing pain, this is your body’s warning signal going off that it is in distress, similar to your check engine light coming on in your vehicle.

Within the spine, there are 24 moveable vertebrae as well as 8-9 vertebrae (the sacrum and coccyx) that fuse later in life and are considered non-moveable in the adult spine. These vertebrae also serve the purpose of providing bony protection for the delicate nerves of the spinal cord.

At every vertebral level, pairs of nerves separate off like branches off a tree trunk and travel to all the cells, tissues, and organs of the body carrying messages from the brain. Like a water hose, if you pinch it off at the source of the hose, water will not get all the way to the end. If there is a problem at the brain or vertebral level of the spinal cord, the message cannot effectively get to where it is supposed to go. This can result in a decline in health as well as negatively impact the body. This misalignment affecting the nerve flow and function is called a subluxation. With chiropractic care, we can restore the proper motion in the vertebra to remove the pressure off the nerve.